Solaray Pumpkin Seed Oil

Solaray Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed protein is rich in 18 amino acids and contains special pumpkin seed amino acids.

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Our company adheres to the intention of making Sunflower Seed Protein, Pure hmb hydroxy methylbutyrate, Natural calcium hmb monohydrate with heart, serving with heart and reaching an agreement with customers and we strive to be professional, dedicated and we advocate the business philosophy that customers and I are one. We continue to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, hoping to lead the industry to leap forward in the national industry. Low cost, high quality, customized products and services are the advantages of our customized production model.

Brief Introduction

Pumpkin seed protein powder is rich in 18 amino acids and contains special pumpkin seed amino acids. Nine of them are essential amino acids, and the essential histidine content in infants and young children. The content ratio is similar to that of humans. It is a high quality plant protein resource.

Pumpkin is a herb that is not only a nutritionally valuable vegetable, but also a medicinal value.Its flowers, fruits, pedicles, vines (sore) can be used as medicine. Pumpkin seed oil has been in Europe for 300 years and has been regarded as a health sacred product.



● Cholesterol-free


●Rich amino acids (L-Arginine, Histidine, Leucine)




★ Improve cardiovascular disease

★Improve immunity

★Improve male fertility

★Promote muscle synthesis



We have a progressive heart and outstanding technical personnel. We will provide a variety of Solaray Pumpkin Seed Oil for customers all over the world. Our items have high quality, attractive price, sufficient supply capacity and perfect service. We believe that competitiveness is our driver, that quality is our guarantee and that service is our foundation.

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