Organic Houjicha, Coffee Drinkers Friendly Roasted Tea. Private Label Tea. USDA Organic

Organic Houjicha, Coffee Drinkers Friendly Roasted Tea. Private Label Tea. USDA Organic

Product name: Caffeine Anhydrous Powder          CAS: 58-08-02
Appearance: White powder or granules or white glistening needles
Specification: 98%                Test Method: HPLC

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Product Details

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Product Description

This kind of Pure Caffeine Powderis an alkaloid extracted from tea and coffee fruit. It is moderately used to eliminate fatigue and excite nerves. It is used clinically to treat neurasthenia and coma. However, large doses or long-term use of it can also cause damage to the human body. In particular, the Pure Caffeine Powderis also addictive. Once it is stopped, it will have various withdrawal symptoms such as mental dysfunctionand weakness. It can enhance vasoconstriction and prevent blood vessels from expanding and causing headaches. In addition, a small amount of Caffeine Powder can also enhance myocardial contractility, promote blood circulation, and prevent cardiovascular disease. It can increase the rate of calorie consumption, accelerate the decomposition of fatas well asincrease the consumption of heatwith appropriate use.



Caffeine acts not only on the cerebral cortex due to the tolerance of the drug, but also directly stimulates the medulla, causing paroxysmal convulsions and skeletal tremors, and impairing important internal organs such as liver, stomach and kidney,and evenmakingthe next generation intelligent lowering and limb deformity.Thereby,it isincluded in the scope of psychotropic drugs subject to state control.



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