Nootropic Supplement Sulbutiamine Powder CAS 3286-46-2

Nootropic Supplement Sulbutiamine Powder CAS 3286-46-2

Product name: Piracetam CAS: 7491-74-9
Specification: 98% Test method: HPLC
Appearance: White or almost white powder

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Product Details

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Product Description

This kind of Piracetam Powder is a similar substance of aminobutyric acid, which can activate, protect and repair brain cells, improve cerebral hypoxia, activate brain cells, increase ATP/ADP ratio in the brain, promote absorption of amino acids and phospholipids, protein synthesis, and glucose. In addition, the Piracetam Powdercan speed up the transmission of information between the cerebral hemispheres through the corpus callosum and improve the ability of learning and thinking activities. It is suitable for cerebral arteriosclerosis, memory and thinking dysfunction caused by cerebrovascular accidents, recovery of brain function in patients with carbon monoxide poisoning and intellectual improvement in some low-energy children.What’s more, the Piracetam Powderalso has a certain effect on senile dementia, senile degenerative syndrome, memory and thinking disorder caused by traumatic brain injury.


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