ISO Certified Natural Pumpkin Seed Plant Protein 50%/60%

ISO Certified Natural Pumpkin Seed Plant Protein 50%/60%

Pumpkin seed protein is rich in 18 amino acids and contains special pumpkin seed amino acids.

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Product Details

Our production line combines cutting-edge technology and facilities at home and abroad to guarantee high standards and high quality production of our valerian acid powder, Guanosine 5'-Monophosphate Disodium Salt, BHB Salts Powder. That has a sound business credit history, outstanding after-sales service and modern producing facilities. Guided by market demand, we integrate resources and pursue to create more, better and more suitable high-quality products for consumers. Our company has a complete set of pre-sale and after-sales service system to track the use of products and feedback, and provide timely and thoughtful follow-up service for customers. It is only by reducing product costs through technological innovation that the economic efficiency of the company can be improved and remains invincible in fierce competition.

Brief Introduction

Pumpkin seed protein powder is rich in 18 amino acids and contains special pumpkin seed amino acids. Nine of them are essential amino acids, and the essential histidine content in infants and young children. The content ratio is similar to that of humans. It is a high quality plant protein resource.

Pumpkin is a herb that is not only a nutritionally valuable vegetable, but also a medicinal value.Its flowers, fruits, pedicles, vines (sore) can be used as medicine. Pumpkin seed oil has been in Europe for 300 years and has been regarded as a health sacred product.



● Cholesterol-free


●Rich amino acids (L-Arginine, Histidine, Leucine)




★ Improve cardiovascular disease

★Improve immunity

★Improve male fertility

★Promote muscle synthesis



Due to the excellent and reliable production equipments and the advanced technologies, we could produce quality assured ISO Certified Natural Pumpkin Seed Plant Protein 50%/60% which completely meets various standards. Welcome your inquiry! Our company specializes in providing a full range of supporting services for customers from online procurement to offline services. Besides strong technical strength, we also introduce advanced equipment for inspection and conduct strict management.

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