Factory Stock Cdp-Coline Bulk Powder /Citicoline /Citicoline Sodium CAS33818-15-4

Factory Stock Cdp-Coline Bulk Powder /Citicoline /Citicoline Sodium CAS33818-15-4

Product name: Citicoline Sodium           CAS: 33818-15-4
Specification: 98%                                 Test method: HPLC
Appearance: White powder or crystalloid powder

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Product Details

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CDP-choline is a nootropic compound that is essentially a prodrug for both choline and uridine, conferring both of those molecules to the body following oral ingestion of CDP-Choline. Specifically, the CDP-choline dissociates into choline and cytidine, with the cytidine then converting into uridine. CDP-choline is one of the three choline-containing phospholipids that can be orally supplemented (the other two being Alpha-GPC and phosphatidylcholine).

This supplement is catered towards preventing or treating memory impairments associated with aging due to the fact that both of the molecules it confers are neuroprotective and potentially enhance learning. While it appears to be more effective than phosphatidylcholine (PC) at this role, in part due to also increasing PC synthesis in the brain, its potency is somewhat comparable to that of Alpha-GPC.

CDP-choline has some other potential uses in relation to cognition. It is commonly used as a memory enhancer in youth, but despite some rodent studies suggesting that this is possible with oral CDP-choline, there are no human studies in youth at this point in time. One study has noted an increase in attention with low dose CDP-choline (which needs to be replicated), and CDP-choline may have roles as an anti-addictive compound against both cocaine and (preliminary evidence suggests) food as well.

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Cognitive Function and Brain Health


It is potentially synergistic with the same things as uridine.

It is ccetylcholinesterase inhibitors (for increasing acetylcholine content).

Do not confuse it with choline (CDP-choline contains some choline, but is not exclusively choline) and uridine (similar in function to CDP-choline).

How to Take It

Standard dosing of CDP-choline is to take 500-2,000 mg in two divided doses (of 250-1,000 mg) usually separated by 8-12 hours, although a single daily dose is also sometimes used. A single dose of 4,000 mg does not appear to affect the blood any differently than 2,000 mg, and so it is not necessary to take such a high dose.

There are some properties, such as attention-promotion or improving bioenergetics, that seem to respond exclusively or more strongly to the lower dosage range.

Other properties like appetite are the opposite, and thus the ideal dosage depends somewhat on the goal.

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