Bloom Tech (since 2008) Factory Wholesale Cosmetics & Nootropics Nrc CAS 23111-00-4

Bloom Tech (since 2008) Factory Wholesale Cosmetics & Nootropics Nrc CAS 23111-00-4

Product name: Huperzine-A
Botanical latin name: Huperzia serrata (Thunb) Trev
Specification: 1%                                 Test method: HPLC
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

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Product Details

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Huperzine-A is a compound extracted from the herbs of the Huperziceae family. It is knownas an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means that it stops an enzyme from breakingdown acetylcholine which results in increases in acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is known as the learning neurotransmitter and is involved in muscle contractionas well. Increasing levels of acetylcholine are routinely used as a technique amongstweight-lifters and scholars.

Huperzine-A appears to be a relatively safe compound from animal studies of toxicity andstudies in humans showing no side-effects at dosages routinely supplemented with.

Huperzine-A is in preliminary trials for usage in fighting Alzheimer's Disease as well.

Is a Form OfHuperzia Serrate extract



Cognitive Function and Brain Health


It is also known as Qian Ceng Ta (Huperzia Serrata).

It goes well with cholinergic and racetams.

How to Take

Supplementation of Huperzine-A tends to be in the range of 50-200mcg daily, and while thiscan be divided into multiple dosages throughout the day it tends to be taken at a singledose. Supplementation of Huperzine-A does not require food to be congested with it andcan be taken in a fasted state.

Cycling of Huperzine-A tends to be used since it can remain in the body for quite some time(half-life of 10-14 hours), and although a 'cycle' of Huperzine-A tends to last 2-4 weeksfollowed by a break the optimal cycle length is not yet known.

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