99% High Purity Quality Assay Temsirolimus API Powder CAS 162635-04-3

99% High Purity Quality Assay Temsirolimus API Powder CAS 162635-04-3

Oxiracetam appears to enhance the release of excitatory neurotransmitters and can aid in memory formation, but lacks human studies.

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Product Details
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Product Description

The main ingredient of this kind of Oxiracetam Powder is oxiracetam, a prescription drug used for the treatment of brain damage and neurological deficits, memory and mental disorders. It is an analogue of piracetam that improves memory and learning function in patients with Alzheimer's disease and memory disorders. In addition, the Oxiracetam Powderalso promotes the synthesis of phosphorylcholine and phosphorylethanolamine, increases the ratio of ATP/ADP in the brain, and increases the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids in the brainas well. It can effectively promote learning, enhance memory, and protect the central nervous system of damaged nerve cells.The usage of it should in accordance with the doctors’advice.


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