Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp is a food product derived from the same plant of which Marijuana originates from, but without intoxicating components; the protein fragment appears to be a popular meal replacement supplement but is not yet linked to unique properties.

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Product Details

Primary Functionhemp-protein-powder-scoop

● Muscle Gain and Exercise

● Protein supplement

● Food Product

Brief Introduction

This kind of Hemp Seed Protein Powder is an important source of arginine and histidine, which plays an important role in children's growth and development, it also contains sulfur amino acids, methionine and cysteine, which are essential for synthetase.

It contains relatively high branched chain amino acids, which play an extremely important role in the repair and growth of thin people. The content and rapid digestion efficiencyof globulin, albumin and water-soluble protein in the Hemp Seed Protein Powderare much higher than the nutritional effects of traditional soybean and peanut protein, which is as high as 15-60%. Besides, itcan also be made into a series of products with various functional characteristics according to different application requirementsby controllingthe reaction conditions and different process parameters.

What’s more, the Hemp Seed Protein Powderdoes not contain tryptophaninhibitors, oligosaccharides and sensitizing factors of soy, and will notcause nausea orallergic reactions.

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