Broad Bean Protein

Broad Bean Protein

Broad beans are rich sources of L-dopa (Levodopa), which is basically a chemical substance used in medicines for treating Parkinson's disease.

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Broad beans are rich sources of L-dopa (Levodopa), which is basically a chemical substance used in medicines for treating Parkinson's disease. According to some studies, consumption of these beans can help to reduce the symptoms of this disease, because the effect of its consumption is similar to medications used for Parkinson's disease. Some researches and surveys also state that their effect lasts longer as compared to effects of the medication. But some people have found no effects on the symptoms of Parkinson's disease even after the consumption of fava beans. Thus, we can say that there are no strong results to prove that their consumption helps to treat the disorder. The patient may, therefore, consult a physician, and ask him about the amount of beans to be consumed. Like all other legumes, these beans are high in fiber and protein, and provide a number of health benefits. They also contain high amounts of minerals like iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. All these minerals play an important role in the overall development of our body. They are rich sources of vitamin A and C; vitamin A is required for good vision, skin, and bone development, while vitamin C is necessary for boosting the immune system. Potassium is an important mineral required by body for proper regulation of blood pressure and other cardiovascular functions. These beans are very low in calories, and they contain zero cholesterol. Thus, they are healthy foods that can help to lose or maintain weight.



1. The vitamin C in broad beans can delay arteriosclerosis.

2.The crude fiber in the broad bean skin has the effect of lowering cholesterol and promoting intestinal peristalsis.

3.Broad bean is also one of the anti-cancer foods, which has a certain effect on the prevention of intestinal cancer.

4.Broad bean can regulate calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, etc., which are important components of brain and nerve tissue, and is rich in gallstone, which has a brain-enhancing effect of enhancing memory.

5. The calcium in broad beans is beneficial to the absorption and calcification of bone by bones and promotes the growth and development of human bones.

6.The protein content of it is rich and contains no cholesterol, which can improve the nutritional value of food and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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