Diindolylmethane Powder

Diindolylmethane Powder

Product name: DIM powder               CAS: 1968-05-4
Specification: 99.0%                          Test method: HPLC
Appearance: Off-white to white crystalline powder

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Product Details

Diindolylmethane powder comes from indole methanol in cruciferous plants.

The reason is that diindole methane will cause the body to digest estrogen, and too much estrogen will accelerate the accumulation of fat in the chest and abdomen. When more and more fat, it will cause more and more estrogen, thus forming a vicious circle.

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MF: C17H14N2


Assay ≥99.0%

dim powder


Diindolylmethane powderis a component of indole-3-carbinol (I3C) found in members of the brassica family.

Most notably broccoli, kale, and cauliflower.

It has potent effects on estrogen metabolism and is able to keep the body relatively balanced (by preventing either drastic increases or decreases in estrogen). In small amounts, it can both inhibit the aromatase enzyme (and prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen) and it can act on more potent forms of estrogen and convert them into less potent forms; this conversion reduces the overall effects of estrogen in the body. However, taking too much DIM at once can actually induce the aromatase enzyme and act in the opposite manner and increase estrogen synthesis.

DIM also exerts numerous anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) effects in the body and is one of the reasons this vegetable family is seen as healthy.

Things To Know & Note

Primary function:

Also Known As

*Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory


Do Not Confuse With

Goes Well With

*Indole-3-Carbinol(its precursor), Sulforaphane(anotherBroccoliBioactive)


How to Take Diindolylmethane powder

Recommended dosage, active amounts, other details

A supplemental dose of approximately 100mg DIM has been noted to alter urinary estrogens in a manner thought to reflect less estrogenicity.

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