Calcium D-Gluconate

Calcium D-Gluconate

Product Name: Calcium D-Gluconate
CAS: 5793-89-5
Appearance:White powder

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Product Details

Calcium D-Gluconate is a white crystalline natural chemical substance. It is made by combining gluconic acid with calcium. It is a trace mineral naturally produced in the body. Gluconic acid is found in our bodies, fruits and vegetables, with oranges and apples having the highest content. Calcium gluconate powder can promote the complete neutralization and excretion of certain metabolites and compounds in the body. It can also help maintain normal cell function and promote the health of the liver, prostate and breasts. But more evidence is needed to confirm the effectiveness of these uses. It should be noted that alcohol will reduce the effectiveness. In addition, due to its good physiological and non-toxic compatibility, it is also used in food and medical products.

Calcium Saccharate;Calcium D-Glucarate;D-Glucaric acid calcium salt;
D-Saccharic acid Calcium salt tetrahydrate
CAS No.5793-89-5Molecular formula:C6H8CaO8.4(H2O)
StandardUSP40Formula Weight:320.26
5793-89-5AppearanceWhite powder
ChlorideNo more 0.5%
SulfateNo more 0.12%
Heavy metalsNo more 20ppm
Optical rotation+18.5°~+22.5°
Sucrose reducing sugarsNo red precipitate is formed immediately

The function of Calcium Gluconate:

1. Remove carcinogens and provide detoxification

2. Promote prostate health

3. It also plays a key role in maintaining and protecting strong bones

4. Dilates blood vessels and sends nerve signals from the brain to the heart, regulating heart function and circulation.

5. Research also shows that it may lower blood pressure

6. Calcium gluconate is used to reduce high potassium levels

Calcium Gluconate Powder

What’s the usage?

Calcium gluconate powder can be the calcium source for dietetic food, OTC products and pharmaceutical products

Drugs: can reduce capillary permeability, increase density, maintain normal excitability of nerves and muscles, strengthen myocardial contractility, and help bone formation.

Food additives: buffers; curing agents; chelating agents; nutritional supplements added to beverages, soy products and cereal products.

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