Bulk Diindolylmethane Powder

Bulk Diindolylmethane Powder

Product name: DIM powder               CAS: 1968-05-4
Specification: 99.0%                          Test method: HPLC
Appearance: Off-white to white crystalline powder

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Product Details

Bulk diindolylmethane powderis a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables (borage, cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, kale). DIM supports enzyme activity and promotes the metabolism of female hormones.

What are the benefits of diindole methane?

Bulk diindolylmethane powder

It is not a patent for women, many men also need it.

Too much estrogen in men will inhibit the effects of androgens.

DIM can help reduce excess estrogen also in men, promote prostate health, and maintain normal male function.

BHB Weight loss



MF: C17H14N2


Assay ≥99.0%

dim powder

White to off white crystalline powder

Ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates
Net weight 25kg in cardboard drum

Store in a sealed placeaway from the light

between 2-8 ℃

How to Take Diindolylmethane powder

Bulk diindolylmethane powder will cause the body to digest estrogen, and too much estrogen will accelerate the accumulation of fat in the chest and abdomen. When the fat is more and more, it will cause more and more estrogen, thus forming a vicious circle. Cruciferous plants include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and cabbage, etc. All we have to do is eat more of these vegetables.

The way of our production:

In a stirring, thermometer 500L Czech glass reaction pot, add 158kg 50% ethanol, 58.5kg (0.5mol / kg) and 37% formaldehyde 20.2kg (0.25mol / kg) under stirring conditions, Heat to dissolve, cool down to 15 ~ 20 ℃, then add 1.47kg (0.01mol / kg) of Mie's acid, stir at 15 ~ 20 ℃ for 10h, let stand, after the precipitation is complete, centrifuge spin to remove the mother liquor, wash with ethanol In order to obtain 54.5kg of crude 3,3'-diyinmethane, the yield is 88.6% and the purity is> 97.5% (HPLC).

The crude 3,3 dimethane was dissolved in a mixed solvent of ethyl acetate/ethanol, heated and filtered with suction, and the filtrate was allowed to stand until the precipitation was completed. The crystals were vacuum dried and vacuum dried at low temperatures to obtain colorless crystals, 50kg. , Purity> 99.5% (HPLC).

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