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Would A Person On A Keto Diet Last As Long As A Person On A Carbo Rich Diet?
- Sep 21, 2020 -

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate calcium (BHB calcium) often called ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, and appropriate protein diet that mimics the state of hunger in the human body. The ketone bodies produced by fat metabolism serve as another source of body energy and can produce anticonvulsant effects on the brain. 

Ketogenic-diet_BHB Na

During fasting, fatty acids provide energy for muscles and other tissues, but they cannot enter the brain. The ketone bodies produced by fatty acids and the ketogenic amino acids (ketogenesis) in the liver enter the brain through the MCT1 transporter to provide another kind of energy when glucose isn't available. 

In another word, a ketogenic diet is actually optimal for fasting, because your body becomes adapted to use fat as fuel. Keto is a fasting-mimicking diet. 

In the absence of carbs, your body starts using fat stores or dietary fat as a source of energy. A similar thing happens when you fast, the only difference is that you don’t burn dietary fat, but body fat. This way you also give your digestive system some rest. Fasting is the easiest way to be in ketosis.

A person following a high carb diet is going to suffer more without food because it’s going to feel the symptoms of sudden low blood sugar levels. It’s the same symptoms that people feel during the keto-adaptation phase since it takes some time for the blood sugars to stabilize and the body to start using fat as the main source of energy.

So, in conclusion, a person on a Keto diet would last without food as long as a person on a carbo rich diet.

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