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Winter Weight Gain - Ⅳ
- Nov 22, 2019 -

Through the previous articles, we already know the reasons for easy weight gain in winter. Correspondingly, we will introduce some good tips next.

The first thing you can do is cook by yourself. In order to make the  foods more delicious, the restaurants usually add a lot of salt, sugar and other seasonings. They also don’t pay attention to the ingredients they buy. Most of the time, the ingredients are literally cheap product.

When you cook by yourself, you can largely avoid the temptation of unhealthy foods. You can control exactly how much seasoning and oil this dish has. Moreover, you can choose fresh and healthy ingredients.

Winter Weight Gain - Ⅳ

The first thing you can do is do housework. Although the cold winter weather will hinder your outdoor sports, doing some housework indoors will not be affected. On the one hand, housework can increase the body's calorie consumption. On the other hand, it can reduce the secretion of melatonin and the effect of melatonin on appetite.

The third thing is to eat more fish and animal viscera. In order to balance the deficiency of vitamin D caused by the decrease of sunlight, we must supplement vitamin D from food. Because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, we should eat some high-quality and fat rich foods. Common foods rich in vitamin D include salmon, mackerel, egg yolk, beef liver, etc. You can also get a variety of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids from these foods.

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