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Winter Weight Gain - Ⅲ
- Nov 21, 2019 -

In the previous article, we learned about the first cause of weight gain in winter.  Next we will look at two other reasons. 

In winter, not only does the temperature drop, but the time of sunshine is also greatly reduced. Without the sun's rays, the sky is gloomy most of the day. This will cause a significant increase in the level of hormones in our body called melatonin.

Many people know that the main function of melatonin is to send the body a signal that you should sleep. According to the study, melatonin secreted by healthy men in the winter from 10 pm to 1 am is more than 80% higher than the melatonin level in the summer, which makes people more prone to sleepiness.

In addition, the increase in melatonin secretion can also increase the calorie intake by affecting the appetite of some people. When these two factors combine together, getting fat is not difficult at all.

Winter Weight Gain - Ⅲ

Shorter sunlight exposure also causes vitamin D levels to fall. According to a new study, vitamin D deficiency not only leads to a decrease in calcium absorption, but also to a decrease in fat breakdown and an increase in the rate of synthesis. This can lead to obesity.

More importantly, a large number of studies have shown that once the body becomes obese, the ability to synthesize vitamin D will decline. This means that the fatter you are, the easier it is to gain weight.

In the next article, we are going to tell you some good tips to avoid to gain weight in winter.

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