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Winter Weight Gain - Ⅱ
- Nov 20, 2019 -

In the previous article, we mentioned that there are other reasons why it is easy to gain weight in winter, so in this article, we will list the first reason.

The first reason is low temperature. In winter, it is very cold outside, and there may be rain and snow. In contrary, it is very warm and comfortable in the room. So most people will choose to stay in the room as much as possible.

Under these circumstances, we take less time to walk, jog and go out. We spend more time watching TV on the couch and enjoying warm in bed. All of these will cause calorie consumption to become less.

Winter Weight Gain - Ⅱ

In addition to that, our appetite will be better due to the cold weather. Craig Jackson, a professor of psychology at Birmingham City University, said in a speech that during the winter due to lack of exercise and cold weather, the hormones responsible for regulating emotions (dopamine and serotonin) in the body will change.

This leads us to yearn for more calorie dense foods that can bring happiness, such as cookies, cakes and so on. These will let us enter a vicious circle. The more inactive we are, the more we want to regulate our mood through sugary food. The fatter we are, the worse our mood will be.

In the next article we will continue to reveal the other reasons.

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