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Winter Weight Gain - Ⅰ
- Nov 18, 2019 -

Winter is a beautiful season, especially after snowing. But for many people who pay attention to their figures, winter is also a season that bothers them, because it is easy to gain weight in winter.

Some people think that the reason why people tend to gain weight in winter is that the temperature in winter is very low, and the human body will instinctively increase the amount of fat stored like an animal to block the cold wind in the winter. 

Winter Weight Gain - Ⅰ

But the problem is that in past human studies, none of them pointed out that humans would increase fat reserves in the winter. 

In addition, in fact, there are two kinds of fats in our body that are completely different in function. One is called white fat, or white adipose tissue. White fat is what we generally call fat, used to store heat. The other is called brown fat, or brown adipose tissue. It is used to help maintain our body temperature and help us burn calories.

The ratio of white fat to brown fat has been genetically determined as early as our babyhood, and it is not affected by temperature. In other words, even fat people may feel colder than thin people. So don't hold the fat people around you to warm up, they may be colder than you!

So what is the causes that makes us gain weight in winter? In the next article, we will tell you the reasons.

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