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Will PQQ Become The 14th Vitamin?
- Sep 14, 2021 -

First of all, here I need to give you a popular science about the concept of vitamins. Vitamin is a collective term for a series of organic compounds. They are micronutrients needed by organisms, and generally, they cannot be produced by organisms themselves and need to be obtained through diet and other means. In other words, these more than a dozen vitamins cannot be synthesized in the body or the amount of synthesis is insufficient, although the amount required is small, they can only be obtained through food supply. So, is PQQ a vitamin?

9-14_Will PQQ Become the 14th Vitamin

PQQ is the abbreviation of Pyrroloquinoline quinone, which is expected to become the 14th vitamin. Natural PQQ is very rare and mainly exists in some microorganisms. The synthesis of PQQ in vivo is minimal, and the main way to obtain it is through diet. 

PQQ's ability to remove free radicals is 50 to 100 times that of vitamin C, making it the most antioxidant-resistant substance ever found. Oral PQQ can effectively reduce blood lead, brain lead, liver lead levels, and will not cause the body's beneficial metal element zinc, copper loss. PQQ can also facilitate rapid wound healing when it comes to skin burns caused by radioactive materials.

PQQ has so many functions that it has attracted widespread attention. Since PQQ was proposed as the 14th vitamin, controversy has continued. It is too early to define PQQ as a vitamin.

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