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Why Eat NMN? How Important Is NMN?
- Nov 27, 2020 -

Why eat NMN? How important is NMN?

NMN Powder is the precursor of NAD. NAD is too large to enter cells, so it can only increase NAD in the body by supplementing NMN. 

NAD+ has anti-aging, repair DNA, rebuild immunity, prevent high blood pressure and other senile diseases, accelerate alcohol metabolism, improve vision and hearing, improve sleep, correct presbyopia, improve hair loss, fight autism, reduce gray hair, and improve weight ( Weight loss), reduce mitochondrial consumption and other effects. 

NAD is very safe and belongs to the human body. 

NMN powder -8

As age gets older, the human body's NAD+ content gradually decreases and gradually ages. Although NAD+ is present in foods such as broccoli and edamame, its content is extremely small, and the roots are not enough to satisfy the human body. Therefore, we can increase the NAD+ content in the body by taking NMN, achieve the anti-aging age, and make the body function younger.

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