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Why Does NMN Get Angry, Pro-inflammatory And Ulcers? How To Prevent And Improve?
- Nov 06, 2020 -

NMN powder can enhance the energy output of mitochondria, causing inflammation that the body already has and reaching a certain balance, which is also amplified by the increase in power. NMN increases the ATP output of mitochondria and causes the body's metabolism to be inadequate, leading to the deterioration of the original inflammation. This is not the fault of NMN but is caused by the imbalance of body metabolism.

Inflammation actually means that the immune system is fighting. Intensified inflammation means that the amount of immune battles has increased, and the battlefield for immune cells fighting against opponents has become more intense. Oral ulcers are often caused by the pH of NMN between 2 and 3 acids. Each time it is taken for 10 to 15 minutes, it will accelerate mucosal irritation and damage. Swollen tonsils or dry sore throat, it may be that NMN can affect the thyroid.

Why does NMN get angry, pro-inflammatory and ulcers How to prevent and improve

Suggested preventive or improvement measures are as follows:

① Take anti-inflammatory AMPK activators, such as curcumin + piperine formula, salicin, astaxanthin or berberine, etc., and choose a suitable formula according to the part that is prone to inflammation. You can also purchase a comprehensive activator.

② If you calculate your dose of 300mg at the beginning, you can start from 50mg and gradually increase to 300mg, adapt gradually to avoid the side effects of metabolic imbalance.

③ Eat some foods or drinks with cool properties that can reduce fire and diuresis to improve the phenomenon of fire, such as white fungus and lotus seed soup, pork, duck and shellfish to nourish yin and reduce fire; and reduce hot foods such as lamb, beef, longan, Intake of litchi and irritating food.

④ In case of severe fever and pro-inflammatory, you can reduce the dose or even stop using it for a few days, and then drink plenty of water to enhance metabolism.

⑤ Mouth ulcers, pharyngitis, etc., should be controlled by yourself, reduce the frequency of sublingual administration as appropriate, and supplement comprehensive B complex and vitamin C to improve it. You can also eat more fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals, and on weekdays Use oil drawing and salt water gargle maintenance to establish tolerance.

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