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Why Do Some Fitness Workers Take Glutamine Powder Before Going to Bed
- Aug 22, 2019 -

Why do some fitness workers take glutamine powder before going to bed?  

Glutamic acid is a major and abundant amino acid in human body. Like creatine, glutamine powder should also be ingested by all hard-trained strength athletes. In the past five years, many new nutritional supplements have contained glutamine powder.

For example, some nutritional supplements for nutritional needs before, during and after training seem to contain glutamine powder. The exaggerated advertising campaign has led many people to misunderstand the real benefits of glutamine powder. Advertising seems to be trying to convince people that glutamine powder has a role in promoting muscle growth. Is that true?

In fact, glutamine powder is mainly used by the immune system to maintain the normal function of the immune system. Whenever you go to the gym to exercise, you put a certain amount of pressure on the immune system. So, for anyone who works hard in the gym, a strong immune system is very important. When your immune system is weakened by inadequate nutrition or overtraining, you are at risk of infection.


Many nutritional supplement manufacturers want to convince you that glutamine powder can directly promote muscle growth. In fact, it can not directly promote muscle growth. However, glutamine powder can improve the body's resilience, which will ultimately promote muscle growth.

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