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Why Choose Magnolia Bark Extract of UNIPHARMPRO?
- Jul 16, 2019 -

Magnolia Bark Extract from dried bark, root bark and bark of Magnolia officinalis. The company optimizes the raw materials of Magnolia officinalis in Hunan Province of China to be picked every year from June to October, after stripping the root bark and bark treatment, extracting.






Planting Base

Magnolia bark raw material

Product Advantage:

1. Strict quality control system, professional project service team

2. Source manufacturers, first-hand supply, give you the greatest profit margin

3. The most important thing is that the product has a super high cost-effective.














Magnolol+Honokiol98%(Magnolol:Honokiol 1:1)

1-2 pentanediol Room temperature 98%Magnolol+Honokiol:Solvent5:1

Control requirements:

1. Packaging

Packaging materials should meet the general safety requirements of GB 4806.1 national food safety standards for food contact materials and products.

2. Label

Packaging label should indicate: product name, batch number, specifications, net content, implementation standards, name of production plant, site, origin, production date, shelf life and storage conditions.

3. Transport

When transporting, it must be lightly loaded and lightly unloaded. It must not be mixed with toxic, harmful, odorous and easily contaminated goods. Extrusion, rain and storms must be strictly prevented Sun.

4. Storage

Products should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse. Avoid stacking with toxic, harmful, perishable, polluting and other items.

5. Shelf life

The shelf life is 2 years if the storage and transportation conditions are met, the packing is complete and the seal is not opened.

For any query or further information, welcome contact info@unipharmpro.com. Unipharmpro would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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