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Who Should Not Use Melatonin?
- May 10, 2021 -

Melatonin does have a good effect on improving sleep and immune regulation, and it is suitable for the following people:

◆ People with occasional insomnia, occasionally being noisy and unable to sleep.

◆ People who travel frequently, friends who are bedridden or need jet lag.

◆ Middle-aged and elderly people with insomnia caused by the gradual reduction of melatonin production in their bodies

Who should not use Melatonin powder_

Due to its unique properties, melatonin powder is not suitable for everyone. Improper use of melatonin is counterproductive. The following people should take it with caution:

◆ Minor

◆ Women during pregnancy  

◆ Patients with heart and brain diseases

◆ Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction 

◆ Those who are allergic to alcohol  

◆ Patients with depression

Besides, patients with severe insomnia are not recommended to use melatonin. It is recommended to see a doctor directly for professional examination and systematic treatment!

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