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Who Needs Creatine Powder?
- Apr 21, 2022 -

Who needs creatine Mono powder?

High-intensity, heavy-load exercisers all need creatine, especially those who need to improve muscle strength and increase muscle size, as well as trainers who pursue explosive growth.

Before using creatine, we need to ask ourselves two questions:

Q1: Has your strength reached a certain limit? For example, the same weight has been maintained for more than 2 months without any increase.

Q2: How about the training quality, can the target muscles be stimulated every time?

If these two conditions are met, you can start using creatine.

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Working principle

The energy in the muscles of the human body will be depleted very quickly during strenuous exercise (weight-bearing training), and creatine is an effective ingredient for providing energy to the muscles. The more creatine stored in the body, the stronger the muscles, explosiveness, and movement The performance will be better.

Speaking of athletic performance, here's a little story. Creatine began to be widely discussed after the 1992 Olympics. Men's 100m gold medalist Linford Christie said in an interview that he continued to take creatine during his preparations for the Olympics. At the same time, gold medalists in other events of the year were also reported by the media to use muscle. acid. The main role of creatine is to increase strength and explosiveness and accelerate muscle recovery.

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