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White Tea and GABA Bulk Powder
- Aug 20, 2019 -

White tea is generally refer to minimally processed tea. Its main producing area is in Fujian Province, China. It contains GABA, which GABA bulk powder can also provide.

White tea is not only a drink, it also has many medicinal effects. White tea has anti-cancer and detoxification effects. It can also be used as an antipyretic for children with measles. The antipyretic effect of white tea is better than antibiotics. It is widely regarded as a good medicine for the treatment of measles patients in North China and Fujian. 

White Tea and GABA Bulk Powder

There are many stories in Fujian about the white tea and measles. A long time ago, a kind farmer woman named Lan lived under the Taimu Mountain. In order to escape the war, she fled into the mountains. One year, measles was popular around Taimu Mountain. The folks went to the mountains to collect herbs for the treatment of their children, but they were all in vain. The disease took away one young life after another. This woman wants to help them very much, but she can't do anything about it. 

One night, Lan dreamed of an old man. The old man said: "Lan, at the top of the cave where you live, there is a tree called white tea. Its leaves are a good medicine for treating measles. " Lan woke up and found the tree and took off the leaves. She sent white tea to each village to teach the villagers how to make tea. Finally, the villagers defeated measles.

White tea can treat measles and provide GABA like GABA bulk powder. It’s really a good extraordinary drink.

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