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What Should You Not Mix With Melatonin?
- Jul 07, 2021 -

Melatonin is a kind of health care product to improve the patient's sleep and enhance the patient's resistance. However, it cannot be taken with some drugs, otherwise, would cause a series of side effects.

Firstly, Melatonin cannot be taken with aspirin together.

Secondly, for hypertensive patients, it should not be used together with blood-lowering drugs containing β-blockers, because β-blockers can hinder the metabolism of Melatonin powder and even dissolve it.

What should you not mix with melatonin

Thirdly, it cannot be taken with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or gastrointestinal drugs, stay away from spicy and stimulating food also.

Finally, ladies are not suitable for taking insomnia drugs during pregnancy and lactation, which will affect the growth of the baby.

Last but not least, any medicine has a certain restriction. For your own health, it is best to follow the doctor's instructions before taking it.

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