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What Is the Other Function of Glutamine Powder
- Aug 13, 2019 -

Application of Glutamine powder in Food, Feed and Sports Health Products is also important.

1. Use of glutamine powder in Food

Glutamine powder is a special amino acid, which is the preferred respiratory fuel for fast-growing cells. There is a lot of evidence that glutamine is a conditional essential amino acid. Under stress conditions, the body needs more glutamine powder than its synthesis ability. Therefore, the recovery of animals can be accelerated by adding glutamine powder to parenteral nutrition or feed in a nutritious way. In addition, glutamine powder will show its unique characteristics in food flavoring.

2.Application of Glutamine powder in Feed

Feed containing glutamine powder can increase intestinal glutamine uptake, activate glutamine powder transporter and stimulate glutaminase activity in intestinal mucosal cells. Supplementation of glutamine powder in feed can significantly improve the damage caused by weaning stress, prevent the atrophy of intestinal villi, maintain the normal shape and structure of intestinal tract, and improve the production performance of young. It was confirmed that 1.0% glutamine powder could prevent jejunal villus atrophy in the first week after weaning and increase feed utilization rate in the second week.


3. Application of Glutamine powder in Sports Health Products

In sports circles, plasma glutamine powder level has attracted much attention as an indicator of overtraining. The determination of glutamine powder in blood can be used as an index for the detection and evaluation of overtraining. The level of glutamine powder in the body of bodybuilders and athletes can be reduced by 50% during high-intensity strength training. At this time, timely supplementation of glutamine powder  can effectively prevent the decomposition of muscle protein. Oral glutamine powder  can increase the level of growth hormone by four times, increase insulin secretion, promote muscle growth and increase the body. Glutamine powder is becoming an indispensable nutritional supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. The national glutamine powder capsules and granules of Compet China and Likangshu of Libang are all made of glutamine powder, which has a good market. The European and American glutamine powder products such as Optmund, Bolley, Muscle Insufficiency Technology, Wade Nutrition have achieved extraordinary results in the world.

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