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What Is The Ketogenic Diet That Is Popular All Over The World?
- Sep 16, 2020 -

What is a ketogenic diet?

Our daily traditional diet is a diet that contains a lot of carbohydrates, which can be simply understood as consuming a lot of sugar because carbohydrates are converted into glucose through the digestive tract, and the body will consume sugar first, and it is difficult to touch fat, and even excess sugar will be stored Is fat.

First of all, we must understand our body's energy supply mode, first consume glucose, and then consume fat. In other words, it is difficult to consume fat when there is sufficient glucose, on the contrary, without sugar, fat is consumed.

The principle of the ketogenic diet is to strictly control the intake of sugars (carbohydrates) from the entrance of the diet, to empty glucose, and the nutrients needed by the human body are maintained through fat and protein.

In this way, the body will consume fat at a high speed to supply energy in the absence of glucose, and your fat will become less.

Therefore, many people jokingly call "ketogenic weight loss" the method of eating meat to lose weight. 

Indeed, it requires a large amount of high fat intake, and eating meat is the best.

How to eat a kecalcium bhb powdertogenic diet?

Three principles eat on a ketogenic diet

✅ Meat

All meat, fish, eggs

The higher the fat content, the better

Grass-fed, fresher, and better

✅ Ingredients

Calcium BHB

MCT Powder

Chia Seed Oil powder

✅ Oil

Coconut oil, olive oil, butter, lard

Virgin and cold-pressed first

✅ Vegetables

Reject all starchy vegetables

Fresh green leafy vegetables and mushrooms are the first choice

How to constitute a day's diet?


Note: The types of ingredients should not be too single, it is important to maintain the diversity of nutrition sources!

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