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What Is the Function of Glutamine Powder
- Aug 13, 2019 -

Physiological Function

Glutamine powder as the most abundant conditional amino acid in blood and free amino acid pool in vivo, glutamine powder has a wide range of physiological functions.

1) Maintaining the immune function of the body. glutamine powder is an important energy source for many immune cells and intestinal epithelial cells. As an important immune organ, intestine absorbs glutamine powderat a high rate, which indicates that glutamine powder plays an important role in human immunity.

2) Regulation of protein synthesis and decomposition. glutamine powder is an important regulator of protein synthesis. It can regulate protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein decomposition during exercise, thus maintaining the physiological function of the body.

3) Glutamine powder is an important carrier of nitrogen and carbon in the body.

4) Maintaining acid-base balance in the body. glutamine powder can be used as a carrier of ammonia produced by kidney and directly participate in ammonia metabolism, thus playing an important role in maintaining acid-base balance.

5) Regulating sugar metabolism. glutamine powder can produce glucose through gluconeogenesis and maintain the balance of blood sugar concentration.


Pharmacological Action

In vitro experiments showed that glutamine powder had protective and repair effects on gastric and intestinal mucosal injury. The reason was that glutamine powder promoted the biochemical synthesis of hexosamine and glucosamine in gastric and intestinal mucosal epithelium. In pyloric ligation rats, oral administration of glutamine powder powder showed that glutamine powder could inhibit ulcers caused by aspirin and indomethacin.

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