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What is the Efficacy of Raspberry Ketone Powder?
- Jul 05, 2019 -

Anti-aging effect

Raspberry ketone powder contains many antioxidant, immunomodulatory and metabolic components. In recent years, 100 antiaging and longevity-prolonging ancient prescriptions have been screened, and through life-span experiments, the results show that raspberry ketone powder is one of the most significant seven traditional Chinese medicines.


Regulation of reproductive system

Raspberry ketone powder can enhance the function of hypothalamus-pituitary gonadal axis and prolong life. It is one of the common kidney tonifying herbs. It can reduce the level of LH, LH, FSH and E2 in hypothalamus and increase the level of testosterone. Its regulating effect on gonadal axis may be the pharmacological basis of tonifying kidney and astringent essence. Pharmacological experiments showed that it had bacteriostatic and estrogenic effects. For example, this decoction had inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus and Vibrio cholerae. Rabbit vaginal smears and endometrial sections were used as observation indicators. It seems to have estrogen-like effects.

Effects on the immune system

Four extracts of raspberry: water extract, ethanol extract, crude polysaccharide and n-butanol extract have obvious lymphocyte proliferation effect. The ethanol extract of raspberry water has similar effect to phytohemagglutinin. Thus, it can improve the cellular immune function and achieve the function of cancer prevention. The roots of Rubus rubra have been found to have anti-cancer effects. It has been proved by experiments that raspberry is a medicinal and edible fruit which can inhibit the proliferation of HepG2 cells and PCNA expression of HepG2 cells. The water extract of raspberry can promote the synthesis of LHR-like substances by some cells in thymus. It has been reported that LHRH and its analogue LHRH-A can promote thymocyte proliferation and improve thymic degeneration in aged rats. Therefore, promoting thymic LHRH may be one of the ways of promoting cellular immune function of raspberry water extract.

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