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What Is the Effect of Puerarin Extract?
- Jul 20, 2019 -


Based on its wide application in food, Puerarin extract is considered to be quite safe. It should not be used in patients with stomach cold and excessive sweating. There are no reports of Puerarin extract's toxicity to human body.

Effect of Puerarin Extract:

1. The chest gradually enlarges, strengthens the breast elasticity and is stronger.

2. Significant improvement of chest line, the fastest increase of 5 CM in 5 days. More than 90% of the cups were enlarged by 1-3 cups after 1-2 months.


3. Regulate female hormones to relieve the discomfort caused by female menstruation.

4. The original chloasma subsided and disappeared, and the younger beans obviously subsided.

5. More than 98% of the women had delicate, moisturized and glossy skin, increased skin elasticity, improved pore size and reduced wrinkles.

6. Improve the troubles of menopausal women and maintain a healthy body and appearance.

7. The condition of insomnia has been significantly improved.

8. The symptoms of restlessness, palpitation and hot flashes were significantly improved.


The recommended dose of standard Puerarin extract is 6-12 tablets per day (10 mg isoflavones per tablet) to alleviate menopausal symptoms, migraine and hypertension. It can also be used 2-3 times a day, 60-120 mg each time.

Intended for:

1. Adult men; frequent drinkers, smokers, alcoholic metabolic poisoners;

2. Preventing hepatitis, improving the detoxification function of liver and repairing the damaged cells of liver.

3. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and migraine;

4. Climacteric women, people prone to fire, and people who often use tobacco and alcohol;

5. Female nourishment and nourishment, dietary adjustment of middle-aged and old people, etc.

6. Prevention of black spot, whelk and liver spot.

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