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What is Bulk Magnesium Citrate Powder?
- Jul 26, 2019 -

What is Bulk Magnesium Citrate Powder?

Magnesium is a mineral nutrient. Many foods, such as spinach, nuts, grains and many green leafy vegetables, are rich in magnesium.

Efficacy of Bulk Magnesium Citrate Powder:

Magnesium helps to alleviate fatigue and fatigue and maintain electrolyte balance. Magnesium helps to maintain normal energy production and metabolism and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Magnesium also helps maintain normal mental function, muscle function and normal protein synthesis. It also helps maintain normal bones and teeth and plays an important role in cell division.


Suitable crowd for Bulk Magnesium Citrate Powder?

For all those engaged in long-term and regular physical training, a scientific and balanced diet is absolutely necessary. The human body needs a variety of nutrients to maintain normal operation. Whether these nutrients come from food or dietary supplements, they are necessary to meet the different needs of the human body. As a dietary supplement, we recommend taking 2.5 grams of Bulk Magnesium Citrate Powder (containing about 400 mg of magnesium) daily. The content of magnesium in standard magnesium citrate powder is about 15%.

Warning: Magnesium citrate powder may have the effect of moistening intestines and relieving constipation, so our'use Suggestions'are for reference only. Please adjust according to your personal situation. If you have similar symptoms, it is recommended that you reduce the dosage.

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