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What Is BHB (BHB Calcium) And Where Does It Exist?
- Sep 15, 2020 -

What is BHB (BHB calcium) and where does it exist?

The liver has a highly active enzyme system for synthesizing ketone bodies, most of which are synthesized in the liver. But the liver lacks the enzyme system that uses ketone bodies. Therefore, the ketone bodies produced in the liver will be transported with the blood to the extrahepatic tissues for energy or use.

What is BHB

Although the metabolites and metabolic processes of the three types of ketone bodies affect each other, they are inseparable from each other. But their location and distribution in the body are different.

BHB: 78% of the total ketone bodies, present in the blood: 

Acetoacetic acid accounted for 20% of the total ketone body, which can be excreted in the urine, also can be converted into acetone to exhale.

Acetone: accounted for 2% of the total ketone body, easy to volatilize, and can be excreted through breathing urine.

BHB calcium can effectively increase the content of ketone bodies in the body, have a feeling of fullness, and accelerate the body's metabolism.

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