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What Are the Main Components of Magnolia Bark Extract?
- Jul 18, 2019 -

Introduction of Active Components of Magnolia bark extract:

Honokiol, Magnolol, Tetrahhydromagnolo and Isomaolsom agnolol are the main active components of Magnolia bark extract. They also contain more than 30 volatile components and a variety of alkaloids.


Honokiol (> 5%) and Magnolol (> 5%);

Honokiol=30%+Magnolol>10%+total phenol>45%.

Honokiol=50%+Magnolol>12%+total phenol>65%.

Honokiol=60%+Magnolol>15%+total phenol>75%.

Honokiol (> 70%) + Magnolol (> 20%) and total phenol (> 90%);

Honokiol=80%+Magnolol>15%+total phenol>95%.

Honokiol=90%+total phenol>95%.

Honokiol = 98%;

Magnolol (> 50%-98%) in all specifications.

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