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What Are The Benefits Of Sour Cherries?
- Jun 15, 2021 -

Gout is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by the deposition of crystals of urate in joints and soft tissues.

Most of the gout patients admitted to the clinic are suffering from improper diet, so diet control is an important aspect in addition to uric acid-lowering drug treatment. If only unilateral drug treatment is performed without diet control, it is more difficult to operate to reduce the onset of gout. And with the deepening of popular science, many friends know that gout patients should adopt a low-purine diet, and the tart cherry extract is one of the recommended fruits for gout patients.

Tart cherry powder -Relief of joint pain and gout

Some research has found that after eating tart cherries, the blood uric acid level of gout patients will decrease significantly, and the increase of uric acid level is an important indicator that accompanies the occurrence and progress of gout. Therefore, certain substances in cherries can inhibit gout. In addition, eating cherries can also help control and prevent infections, including pain caused by inflammation.

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