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What Are the Benefits of Glutamine Powder
- Aug 14, 2019 -

Amino acids are protein building blocks, and glutamine powder is the most abundant amino acid in muscle and blood. The human body can not produce essential amino acids by itself, but can only be ingested through diet, and glutamine powder is a conditional essential amino acid. This means that healthy and stress-free bodies can produce enough glutamine powder on their own, but when people are sick or traumatized, the demand for glutamine powder exceeds the supply, making this amino acid necessary. Glutamine powder is widely publicized for its benefits of helping to lose weight, promoting post-exercise recovery and treating intestinal diseases.

Benefits of glutamine powder:

Glutamine powder has many functions in human body. It helps repair and build muscles, fuels intestinal cells, and is an important part of the body's immune response. These benefits help speed up the recovery of burns, open ulcers and injuries, and reduce the risk of infection after surgery. When the body is under severe physiological stress (such as severe burns, trauma or infection), more glutamine powder is needed than muscle storage. If not consumed through health care products or diet, there will be risks such as slow wound healing and susceptibility to infection.


1. Emergency care

Trauma and burn treatment in intensive care units, burn or trauma medical centers usually use glutamine powder as a supplementary treatment. There are feeding tubes, pills and liquid nutrition and health care products, in addition to increasing dietary protein to achieve the goal. Supplementaries can be infused intravenously through parenteral nutrition. It has been reported that parenteral glutamine powder supplementation can improve the survival rate of hospitalization, reduce hospitalization time and reduce the risk of infection complications.

2. Weight control

Studies have found that glutamine powder health products can promote the growth of muscle and lean body tissues in cancer patients. Other small studies suggest that glutamine powder can help obese people reduce body fat.

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