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What Are the Applications Of Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder?
- Jul 12, 2019 -


1. Anti-atherosclerosis

Tribulus terrestris extract can prevent and treat atherosclerosis, can significantly improve the patient's conscious symptoms, better than known anti-atherosclerosis drugs.

2. Treatment of angina pectoris in patients with coronary heart disease

The left ventricular systolic function of patients with angina pectoris of coronary heart disease was examined by three-dimensional echocardiography before and after taking Ginkgo biloba and Chenopodium davidii. The total effective rate was 85.7%. The left ventricular ejection fraction increased. The number of ejections in early and late systolic period increased, and the myocardial range of left ventricular segmental systolic rate < 5%. The decrease indicates that this medicine can improve myocardial ischemia and improve the early and late systolic function of left ventricle.

Clinical observation shows that Tribulus terrestris extract has the ability to dilate coronary artery, improve coronary circulation and improve hypoxia tolerance. It can also increase HDL, reduce plasma specific viscosity, promote the speed of red blood cells in plasma, dredge microcirculation, and alleviate symptoms of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and chest tightness.


3. Treatment of cerebrovascular disorders

Abnormal Hemorheology is one of the causes of cerebral hypoxia and insufficiency of blood supply. It is a comprehensive index reflecting the functional and structural changes of blood, blood vessel and heart. After treatment with Tribulus terrestris extract, total cholesterol and HDL-C were significantly reduced, and hemorheological indexes were improved, including whole blood high shear viscosity, whole blood low shear viscosity and plasma viscosity. After 7 months of clinical verification, the total effective rate was 93.33%.

4. Treatment of acute pulmonary heart disease

The blood specific viscosity, plasma specific viscosity, hematocrit HCT, ESR and erythrocyte aggregation index were measured by capillary viscometer. After the patients were treated with plum extract, the indexes were improved, but the whole blood specific viscosity and aggregation index decreased more obviously. Partial thromboplastin time and thrombin time were significantly prolonged. The reaction time, coagulation time and maximum coagulation time of thrombus measured by thrombus elastometer were significantly prolonged. It can be seen that Tribulus terrestris extract can significantly reduce blood viscosity, change blood rheology, reduce the activity of endogenous coagulation factors, and improve the anticoagulation ability. To a certain extent, it can prevent and treat the occurrence and development of pulmonary heart disease with hypercoagulability. The clinical application also shows that this medicine has quick effect, obvious effect and no obvious side effects.

5. Enhanced sexual function and anti-aging

Tribulus terrestris extract is used to increase the number and vitality of male sperm, enhance the ovarian function of women, treat sexually deficient and infertility, and prevent menopausal syndrome. Tribulus terrestris extract can be used as a hormone-free energy supplement for athletes.

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