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Valerian Origin
- Jul 21, 2020 -

Valerian is also known as "sleeping grass", "God grass", "sleeping grass".


The recognition and use of valerian by humans can be traced back to nearly 2,500 years ago. The ancient Greeks first used valerian in sacrifices and celebrations with the form of valerian acid powder. And since ancient Greece and Rome, Valerian has been used as an herbal medicine.

Hippocrates described the properties of valerian, and Galen later pointed out that bulk valerian root powder extract can be used as a medicine for insomnia.

During the wedding ceremony in medieval Sweden, valerian was sometimes worn by the groom in a dress to prevent the elves from being jealous. More than 600 years ago, Europeans discovered that valerian is rich in volatile essential oils. Valeriana officinalis extract was mainly used to make perfumes and cigarette flavors. The perfume of Chanel, a famous French luxury brand, is made with valerian essential oil.

According to historical records, the first Chinese people to use Valerian in the Tang Dynasty, the world's first national pharmacopeia "New Revision Materia Medica" promulgated in 659 AD was included Valerian. In the Ming Dynasty, there were records of using valerian. The pharmacopeia of many countries has included valerian as an herbal medicine in history.

In 1840, Valerian was also included in the "Crystal Pearl Materia Medica" by the famous Tibetan physician Timal Tenzeng Pengcuo in the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Xichun (1860-1933) also included some prescriptions of valerian for curing diseases.

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