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Turmeric Face Mask-I
- Nov 14, 2019 -

One of my favorite homemade facial masks is made with the most effective turmeric. Turmeric has always been a food craze, but do you know that it can also help your skin?

Turmeric, traditionally known as Indian saffron, has historically been used as a condiment and textile dye because of its deep yellow orange color. Turmeric also offers amazing healing benefits, not only in the body, but on your skin. The bride of India has been using turmeric body scrub and facial mask to purify and clean her body for a long time and provide healthy luster by raising her skin before the wedding.

Turmeric is a major ingredient in curry. It can be used as a home remedy for acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles and dark circles. It's good for your skin. It also reduces inflammation of the skin, because antioxidants are high, slowing down cell damage. At the same time, it can help reduce pigmentation and balance skin tone.


What makes turmeric so effective? Turmeric has significant anti-inflammatory activity due to its volatile oil and yellow or orange curcumin. It is a plant nutrient. Its anti-inflammatory ability is similar to many drugs on the market today, but unlike drugs, curcumin does not produce toxicity.

Turmeric mask is a good exfoliating agent. It can be made easily at home with only a small amount of ingredients. However, it is worth noting that some people have reported anaphylaxis after skin contact with turmeric. I recommend testing a small area of your skin first. You may need to use mild soap and water to remove possible yellow stains. Be careful not to put it on the clothes, because it may get dirty.

Consistency. This turmeric mask will give you light skin.

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