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Tomato and GABA Bulk Powder
- Aug 16, 2019 -

Tomatoes are very nutritious and have a special flavor. It can be eaten raw, cooked or processed into ketchup, juice, etc.

Tomatoes are a natural food source of vitamin C. Eating 1-2 tomatoes a day can enhance vascular flexibility, prevent gum bleeding, and enhance anti-cancer ability. It is also very beneficial for patients with hypertension and heart disease. 

The most outstanding nutrient in tomatoes is lycopene. This natural functional pigment has only been discovered in the last six decades. The anti-cancer effect of lycopene has been reported by many research institute such as the Harvard School of Public Health. They also found that its antioxidant capacity is the strongest among natural carotenoids. Antioxidants can remove free radicals that harm the human body. Free radicals are oxygen molecules or oxygen atoms with excess electrons. They are parasites that are extremely destructive and lethal in the human body. They feed on cells and proteins that support human health. They sometimes attack various functional control centers (such as immune regulation centers, blood sugar control centers, cancer suppression centers, etc.) and flow through the body through the blood. 

Tomato and GABA Bulk Powder

Lycopene has an amazing effect on repairing the damage caused by UV rays. We all know that in addition to age, sunlight is the number one killer of skin aging. Many skin care products and health care products contain a large amount of lycopene concentrate extracted from tomatoes.

In addition to the above benefits, tomatoes also contain many GABA. GABA can regulate and stabilize mood. It is referred as “nature’s Valium”. GABA bulk powder can also increase the GABA levels.

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