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The Use of Turmeric Root Extract In Food
- Oct 31, 2019 -

In the aspect of food, Turmeric Root Extract is mainly used for colouring intestinal products, canned products, sauce and brine products, and its usage is determined according to the normal production needs.


Food additive residue standard:

Appropriate use of Turmeric Root Extract fried food colorant according to production needs;

The colorant for filling of grain products should be used appropriately according to production needs.

Sweet sauce, compound sauce colorant 0.1;

Instant noodle colorant 0.5;

Jelly colorant 0.01 (if it is used for jelly powder, increase the usage according to the mixing ratio);

Carbonated beverage colorant 0.01;

0.3 curcumin gum based candy colorant 0.7 for batter (such as drag batter for fish and poultry meat), wrapping powder and fried powder;

Cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products (including chocolate like and substitute chocolate) and candy colorant 0.01;

Frozen drink (except for 03.04 edible ice) colorant 0.15;

Margarine and its similar products (such as the mixture of butter and margarine) color additive shall be used in proper amount according to the production needs;

Gb2760-96: carbonated beverage, candy, ice cream, jelly, 0.01g/kg.

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