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The Spread of Green Tea
- Jun 10, 2019 -

It is generally believed that green tea originated in China. Green tea has been discovered and used by the Chinese for a long time. In China, green tea is not only a material product, but rather a very important part of Chinese culture. It is speculated that green tea from China has been spread abroad for more than 2,000 years. At first, green tea were exported to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and other parts of Asia, and then spread to other parts of the world. Like many other things, when Chinese green tea was spread to other places, they merged with the local culture and formed new characteristics. The most famous of them are Japanese tea, English tea, Indian tea.

Japanese learn from Chinese and developed their own green tea culture calls “chado”. Japanese green tea ceremony attaches great  importance to etiquette and rules. It is closely related to Buddhism and Zen. 

The Spread of Green Tea

Britain is the world's largest green tea consumer, consuming 135 million cups of green tea every day, accounting for one fourth of the world's total annual green tea consumption.Indian tea is famous for black tea. Indians drink tea with milk, ginger and cardamom. 

Regardless of how green tea is influenced by local culture, one thing remains unchanged is the health substance it contains - l-theanine.

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