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The Secret of Happiness - 5 HTP Powder
- Jul 22, 2019 -

For thousands of years, happiness has been the topic of philosophers and poets. In recent decades, neuroscience has also joined the study of happiness. In the course of the research, they have found some interesting substances that may affect happiness. They are serotonin, dopamine,  endorphin and enkephalin. 

Serotonin is a substance that resists sadness. It is produced by neurotransmitters in brainstem neurons and is indispensable for regulating our emotions. The passion of love, social relationships, positive thoughts, and physical contact all stimulate the production of this substance. It acts like a drug that triggers joy and joy. Scientists have found that people with depression or just those who are immersed in the pain of loss of love have a serious deficiency of serotonin. In order to increase the serotonin levels, some people will use 5 HTP powder. 5 HTP is the precursor of serotonin. The human body uses it to produce serotonin.

The Secret of Happiness - 5 HTP Powder

Dopamine can participate in the prediction and projection of human positive emotions and promote people to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude to improve and progress. Proper dopamine can encourage us to live actively, but high levels of dopamine can incite people to seek dangerous situations. 

Endorphin and enkephalin are easily secreted in sports. These two substances can make people feel happy and have the effect of relieving anxiety and relieving pain. They are able to adjust and change painful information, suppress painful information from passing through the brain, and, when accepted by neurons, immediately produce a feeling of comfort. 

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