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The Healthiest Cooking Methods - Ⅰ
- Dec 12, 2019 -

Do you like cooking? Many people don't realize that the way they cook can greatly affect the nutritional content of food. The nutrition of sautéed chicken drumsticks is totally different from fried chicken drumsticks. One can be eaten as a healthy meal, the other as a source of obesity.

According to studies, some of the ways we think are very healthy can also cause serious nutrient loss. The people usually think boiling is the healthiest way to cook, because it does not add any extra grease, seasoning and other things that may increase food calories, which seems to be very healthy. But in fact, the proportion of nutrition loss of boiled vegetables is astonishing.

The Healthiest Cooking Methods - Ⅰ

Studies have shown that boiling can cause a particularly serious loss of vitamin C in vegetables. Broccoli, vegetables and lettuce lose more than 50% of vitamin C after boiling. Not only vegetables, in the process of stewing, the B vitamins in meat will also be lost to the soup, and the loss of B vitamins is as high as 60%.

This is because the water-soluble vitamin itself is easy to dissolve in water, which further increases the loss ratio under high temperature heating, and such loss rate will increase with the rise of water temperature.

In the next article, we will tell what is the best way to cook regarding the loss of nutrition.

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