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Tempeh and GABA Bulk Powder
- Aug 09, 2019 -

GABA is a very important inhibitory neurotransmitter which is very relevant to anxiety and depression. Tempeh contains GABA, which you normal get from GABA bulk powder.

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. It is a traditional food in Indonesia. Since the 1990s, Tempeh has gradually become popular in European and American countries. However, Indonesia is still its largest consumer market. Due to its high content of protein and other abundant nutrients, it is a very popular vegetarian meat replacement.

Tempeh and GABA Bulk Powder

The density of nutrients in tempeh is extremely high. The protein content is similar to that of fish and beef. It can reach more than 19%, more than pork and chicken, and can be directly eaten without water. The amino acid of tempeh is tryptophan, which is suitable as a supplement for meat or egg protein. The utilization rate of tempeh protein can reach 91.4%~94.4%, which is very similar to the protein utilization rate of meat and eggs, but it is absolutely free of cholesterol. The most attractive thing about tempeh is that its vitamins, minerals and soy isoflavones are extremely high in nutrients. Taking vitamin B12 as an example, the recommended amount of vitamin B12 for healthy adults is 30 micrograms, and the vitamin B12 content per 100 grams of scallops is 36%, which is 120% of the recommended amount. If you prefer foods source instead of supplements like GABA bulk powder, you can try tempeh.

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