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Sweet Potatoes and GABA Bulk Powder
- Aug 19, 2019 -

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of good nutrients. They are rich in many trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Most importantly, it also contains a lot of GABA. GABA has an anti-stress function. Many people also take GABA bulk powder to get it. Although sweet potatoes have a lot of benefits, we still need to pay attention to the downsides of them.

Sweet potatoes contain an oxidase that produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the human stomach. Eating too much sweet potatoes can cause abdominal pain and bloating.

Sweet Potatoes and GABA Bulk Powder

Sweet potatoes have very little protein and fat. Protein is very important to the human body. Lack of protein can cause problems in the body's immunity, affect bone development and anemia. Fat is also very important to the human body. Although many people do not like fat, they often associate fat with obesity, but lack of fat can cause problems such as memory loss, osteoporosis and hair loss.

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of sugar, which causes the body to secrete a lot of stomach acid. If you eat sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, too much stomach acid will stimulate the gastric mucosa and increase the pressure on the stomach. In addition, if a large amount of sugar is accumulated in the intestine, it will increase the burden on the intestine, causing gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion.

If you don’t like the these downsides of sweet potatoes, you can also take supplements such as GABA bulk powder.

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