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Study on Relieving Fatigue of Sulbutiamine Powder
- Jul 29, 2019 -

Sulbutiamine powder is a synthetic molecule consisting of two thiamine (vitamin B1) molecules bound together by sulfur groups. It seems to be helpful in reducing fatigue, especially in relation to infection.

In BALB/c mice aged 14-16 weeks, 300 mg/kg sulbutiamine powder, perfused with 5% gum arabic for 10 days by oral tube feeding, seemed to improve memory (assessed by operational tasks). The study points out that there is no difference between the acquisition groups, but there is a significant difference in retention rate, which leads to improved performance.


Injections of sulbutiamine powder 12.5 and 25 mg/kg per day for 9 weeks did not change the performance of DNMTS tasks (operable conditioning maze). Sometimes 12.5 mg sulbutiamine powder was associated with larger coding errors. When Dzocyclopine (NMDA antagonist inducing amnesia) was administered during the DNMTS task, sulbutiamine powder counteracted its amnesia effect and maintained its performance in mice. Sulbutiamine powder participated in the enhancement of object recognition and memory in mice injected with 12.5 and 25 mg/kg injections within 9 weeks.

A study of chronic post-infectious fatigue (CPIF) showed that sulfambutamine powder was 400 or 600 mg daily for 28 days, noting that the fatigue level of the two groups was significantly lower than that of the placebo group, but in most cases there was no significant difference between the 400 and 600 mg groups.

91.37% of patients with multiple sclerosis (n = 60) also reported improvement in fatigue, 74.13% reported improvement to "substantial" (through subjective improvement analysis), and no fatigue deterioration was reported.

Therapeutic dose

In human studies, sulbutiamine powder supplements were administered 400 mg a day.

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