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Still Counting Sheep? Try Melatonin
- Jun 14, 2019 -

We all know how important the sleep is in our life and how terrible it feels like when we couldn’t sleep well. Everyone has their different methods to drift off. Some may drink a glass of milk, some may read a book, and some may count sheep. For those of you who may have not hear of the counting sheep. It does not need real sheep. It is only a very old mental exercise may put you to sleep. You only need to put yourself comfortable in your bed, close your eyes, visualize a field with a fence, and the sheep jump over the fence one by one.

Still Counting Sheep Try Melatonin

Aside from this interesting method, there are also other good things we can explore that might help us sleep better in the night. Melatonin for example, is one of those good things. Melatonin can shorten the time you need to drift off. When you are already asleep, it can additionally
enhance your sleep quality, you will therefore feel more refreshed and alert after you wake up in the morning. Try melatonin, so you don’t have to trouble the sheep to work overtime in the night.

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