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Spinach and GABA Bulk Powder
- Aug 15, 2019 -

GABA stand for gamma-aminobutyric acid. It has tranquilize effects and helps your body regulate mood. It is a “nature’s Valium”. GABA bulk powder is a supplements that can increase the GABA levels in the body and help you relieve stress. Spinach is relatively high in GABA compare to other foods. Eating more spinach can not only provide you GABA, but also other nutrients. 

Spinach is rich in inorganic salt ions such as carotenoids, vitamin K, calcium and iron. A large amount of crude cellulose can effectively empty the intestinal waste and reduce the fermentation of toxic substances in the small intestine. Most importantly, spinach contains a lot of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant.

Spinach and GABA Bulk Powder

But you must be careful when you plan to eat spinach, because some foods cannot be eaten with it. Cucumber is a very common food and many people use cucumbers. It is rich in protein, polysaccharides, and carotene (although its skin is green). Its rich cellulose promotes intestinal peristalsis and relieves constipation. Mineral ions such as potassium and magnesium can balance the sodium salt and eliminate edema. In addition, cucumber seeds also contain a hormone that is beneficial to the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, which helps stabilize blood sugar. However, cucumber contains a vitamin C-degrading enzyme that destroys vitamin C in other vegetables. If you eat spinach and cucumber at the same time, the vitamin C in the spinach will disappear.

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