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Some Notes About BCAA Bulk Powders
- Dec 03, 2020 -

When it comes to fitness supplements, besides protein powder and creatine, there is also a very common supplement that is branched-chain amino acids, often it is called BCAA Bulk Powders, which is the three of the 8 essential amino acids of the human body, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. 

Usually, the package of supplement says 4:1:1, which refers to the ratio of leucine: valine: isoleucine = 4:1:1. The product is the main component of skeletal muscle amino acids, up to 1/3. Skeletal muscle, as everyone knows, is the muscle of the body. Therefore, there is no doubt that BACC has a certain effect on muscle synthesis.

BCAA bulk powder_

You can drink it before, during, and after training, and between meals. Some high-level professional fitness athletes will supplement one before and after training. The overall effect is similar, but it is slightly different if you want to go deeper.

Before training: Improve muscle endurance and prevent muscle loss caused by overtraining.

During training: Relieve muscle fatigue, accelerate muscle recovery, and prevent muscle breakdown. This is a new usage trend.

After training: It can help muscles recover and accelerate protein synthesis.

Dosage: When the supplement of BCAA Bulk Powders does not exceed 10 grams, the more the better. For general bodybuilders, 5 grams can be added before each training session.

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